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    Made in the Cognac region of France, it has an exceptional taste, but at the same time it is a sweet aperitif (liqueur). The flavor of Pampelle Ruby Red is dominated by red ruby ​​grapefruits, which are brought from the sunny island of Corsica, where Napoleon Bonaparte was born. This drink is created using citrus peels, natural herbs growing locally and an infusion of water.

    Capacity: 0.7L

    Strength: 15%

    We recommend using chilled.

    Pampelle can be consumed alone, but we recommend trying it with main cocktails:

    • Pampelle Tonic - pour Pampelle into a glass, add ice and fill the glass with the tonic of your choice.
    • Pampelle Spritz - Pour Pampelle into a glass and add ice and fill the glass with your favorite Prosecco. (1/3 cup Pampelle, 1/2 cup Prosecco and 1/6 sparkling water.)
    • Pampelle Rose - Pour the Pampelle into the glass, then add the rose wine. Add carbonated water to the drink in the glass. We recommend mixing according to your favorite taste.
    • Pampelle Negroni - Add Pempelle, white vermouth and gin to a glass. All in equal parts.


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